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Montreal Extermination

Seeing one large spider crawl up your wall is scary enough; imagine seeing five to ten spiders a day? For many Montreal homeowners and renters, this is a reality. Montreal is a city notorious for its large and often aggravating insects. Large spiders, ants, and sometimes even cockroaches, are known to burrow into people's homes during the summer months, causing owners and renters endless strife. People may see one single spider one winter, only to find their floor covered with its less than adorable babies the following spring. Not only gross, spider infestations are deeply troubling, often leading to sleep deprivation and other anxiety related health problems. Which Montreal extermination company should homeowners and apartment dwellers turn to when faced with severe infestation difficulties? Envirologique is a professional Montreal extermination company trained to eradicate spiders and other insects, restoring peace to peoples' homes.

Envirologique specializes in Montreal extermination. Trained to resolve a variety infestation issues, ranging from spiders to wasps and skunks, Envirologique is the first place people turn when looking for professional and effective Montreal extermination services. Serving people throughout the greater Montreal area and much of Quebec, this Montreal extermination company is dedicated to helping homeowners and business owners in need.

Envirologique does not want to provide its customers with a temporary Montreal extermination solution. The reality is that Montrealers must protect their homes throughout the summer months; ridding a home of insects only leaves more room for future infestations. This Montreal extermination company offers homeowners lasting treatments that will carry them well into the fall months. Using Montreal extermination products that remain in effect for up to 150 days and offering both indoor and outdoor treatments, Envirologique kills bugs and prevents new ones from entering a home, building, or apartment complex. Known for their environmentally friendly and child-safe products that are both effective and lasting, Envirologique delivers safe and professional Montreal extermination treatments.

Spiders are undoubtedly one of the most aggravating and alarming infestations. Montreal spiders in particular are known for their large size that both disgust and frighten homeowners, triggering calls to Montreal extermination companies. Envirologique offers all desperate Montrealers a two step treatment plan, proven to eradicate spiders for the entirety of the summer. The Montreal extermination company applies permethrine insecticide to the inside of the house, around the windows and doors, ceiling-wall junctions, and baseboards of each room, before moving outside to coat the doors, windows, and cornices. Verified effective for up to 150 days, this safe Montreal extermination insecticide (derived from pyrethrum, found in Chrysanthemums) is guaranteed to get rid of stubborn and severe spider infestations and provide homes with lasting protection.

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